Junyi Tu, Ph.D.

  • Ph.D. University of South Florida
  • M.S. University of Science and Technology of China
  • B.S. Harbin Institute of Technology
  • Curriculum Vitae

Bio: I am a PhD candidate in Computer Science and Engineering at University of South Florida , under the supervision of Paul Rosen.
I also obtained a Ph.D in Mathematics at USF in 2016.

Research interest: Topological Data Analysis, Image Processing, Data Visualization, Scientific Computing, Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations

Coding: Good at Java and Python. I am also familiar with scikit-learn and tensorflow.


Topological data analysis


Inferring Quality in Point Cloud-based 3D Printed Objects using Topological Data Analysis
Paul Rosen, Mustafa Hajij, Junyi Tu, Tanvirul Arafin and Les Piegl
Computer-Aided Design and Applications, 16(3) 519-527 2019

A hybrid solution to parallel calculation of augmented join trees of scalar fields in any dimension
Paul Rosen, Junyi Tu, Les A. Piegl
Computer-Aided Design and Applications 0 1-9 2018

A Hybrid Solution to Calculating Augmented Join Trees of 2D Scalar Fields in Parallel
P Rosen, J Tu, L Piegl
CAD Conference and Exhibition Japan 32-36 2017

Random attractor of stochastic Brusselator system with multiplicative noise
Junyi Tu, Yuncheng You
Discrete Continuous Dynamical Systems-A 36(5) 2757-2779 2016

Random attractors for stochastic lattice reversible Gray-Scott systems with additive noise
Hongyan Li, Junyi Tu
Electronic J. Diff. Eqs. 2015(263) 1-25 2015

Random attractors and averaging for non-autonomous stochastic wave equations with nonlinear damping
H Li, Y You, J Tu
Journal of Differential Equations 258 (1), 148-190, 2015

Global Attractors and Robustness of the Boissonade System
Junyi Tu
J. Dyn. Diff. Eq. 27(1) 187-211 2015

Two New Wronskian Solutions for (3+1)-Dimensional Jimbo-Miwa Equation
Yaning Tang, Junyi Tu, Wen-Xiu Ma
Applied Mathematics and Computation 218(20) 10050-10055 2012

Hirota bilinear equations with linear subspaces of solutions
WX Ma, Y Zhang, Y Tang, J Tu
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J He, J Tu, X Li, L Wang
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